Citarella Family Owned and Operated Since 1901


Store Hours :  Monday - Saturday  9am. - 6pm.


















The Citarella's moved from Italy in 1900. In 1901 Andrew Citarella started selling meats from his front porch. He did so for almost a decade before he was able to build his first store, on Bridge Ave. across from the train station.  It was one of the first modern stores in the area,  complete with marble counters tops on which meat was cut.

The Citarella family built up their business by working as much as 17 hours a day.



Carmela Citarella was the

first family member

 to be professionally  trained to cut meat by

meat companies. She then taught her husband.




 He took the 5:30 a.m. train every morning to Long Branch to place his daily meat order to be delivered later that afternoon by horse and wagon.

The Family business was carried on by the son Ralph (2nd. generation), who was born in a room on the second floor of the Bridge Ave. store.  He had memories of people riding to the store on horseback, right after fox hunts that were going on in the area.

The  Citarella's at first used horse and wagons to deliver. Later bought a model "T" truck for delivery work.




In 1956 after Ralph Citarella (2nd generation) opened a new store in Sea Bright with help from his son Andrew.

He remained there until 1962.  That year there was a bad storm and they lost all their equipment and stock when the store flooded.



     In 1962 Andrew(3rd generation) opened up his first store.      

Little Silver 1962-1979, Ralph Citarella aka Raff(2nd.Generation)and his son Andrew Citarella(3rd generation)















              Andrew stayed in Little Silver until 1979 when the Red Bank store became available, only one block from where he grew up. Andrew bought the building where we are today.





 Pictured on left  Ralph Citarella 2nd Generation, Andrew Citarella 3rd generation and Ralph Citarella 4th generation    Pictured on right Andrew Citarella.







Citarella's has come full circle back to Red Bank where they started.


Maria and Andrew Citarella                                                                                                     Andrew















Ralph Citarella is carrying on the Citarella Family Tradition